Racial Unrest in Our Country in 2016

Wow, since there has been continual murdering of unarmed Black Men in Amerikkka, many have taken to social media, me included, to express our concerns.  Facebook, Twitter and other media sites have been consistently busy with posting updates surrounding the numerous marches taking place.




Castille, Sterling

In the following instance, Philando Castille was murdered – pulled over because his “nose is too big”.  The gall:


The media dishonestly reported Castille was wanted for armed robbery – this was false:


Through all the mehem, Dallas Police Chief has a message for congress:


Another Black Man Murdered – Alton Sterling:


The foregoing are heart-wrenching tales of centuries of abuse and murder of the American Police Departments around the country.

#ILoveBlackMen because #BlackLivesMatter.




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