Verdict: NOT GUILTY in the Trayvon Martin Case

Really!  How is it that this jury handed down a not guilty verdict? Were we watching the exact same case? Is it true you and stalk someone almost to their front door, shoot and kill them and then scream self-defense?  Only in America is this kind of behavior acceptable. 

I strongly disagree with the verdict and here is why: After zimmerman wrongfully profiled Trayvon, he pursued Trayvon after being told not to. Zimmerman lied when he said he did not continue to pursue Trayvon.  Zimmerman also had several scenarios as to how he was able to get the gun and shoot our Trayvon.  These are just some of the inconsistencies in his story, along with zimmerman not having knowledge of Stand Your Ground laws— zimmerman took a course in it and excelled.  His entire story was fabricated.