Barack Obama, President of the United States of America (2008-2012)

What a President, what an example.  An awesome father, loving husband and academic figure, resourceful Commander-in-Chief, and outstanding role model for young African Americans – just to name a few items on his resume/cv.

Mr. Obama is the first African-American President of the United States of America.  His accomplishments have made such impacts on us as individual persons and our country in its entirety.  He is tough, resilient, skillful, smart, suave, articulate, educated, giving, loving and caring and last but not least, handsome.

Our President, Mr. Obama, has proven to be a brilliant leader.  Mr. Obama has given each and every male and female referred to as “minority” such hope of accomplishment.  He has attained the following for all of us with all of us in mind:

1.  Nobel Peace Prize Award

2.  Obamacare

3.  Prevented total loss of housing futures

4.  Bailed out the automotive system to prevent further economic collapse

5.  Assisted the banking system to prevent further economic collapse

6.  Bailed out mega insurance companies to prevent enormous job loss and further economic collapse

7.  Protected Americans from Al Quaida/eliminated Osama Bin Laden

8.  Protected US Military men and women via “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” rules

9.  Challenged Wall Street anticks

10. Placed the welfare of people before politics

11. Promoted Equal Pay for Women (women make up the largest percentage of the workforce)

12.  Installed the first Latino Supreme Court Justice

13.  Averted a total collapse of our economic system

14.  Withdrew our military from Iraq

15.  Completed his first full term in office

What a gem we have shining over us.

Thanks Mr. President.  Keep up the excellent work.


Trayvon (cont’d)

Status to date of the Trayvon Martin case:   George Zimmerman has made bail after he and his wife lied to the courts  about their available funds.  After which, George was ordered to report back to jail.   Zimmerman’s attorney asked onlookers to forgive George (as he attempts to get George acquitted of all charges).  It will be interesting to see how Zimmerman’s defense attorney puts an ill-twist on the facts.  Chances are defense will blame the victim.