To My Dad on Fathers’ Day

I sure do miss you and have missed you over the years.  Wish you were here to see your grandchildren and me.  My heart did ache for years after your murder.  Finally was able to accept you not being here but will always have the question of why since we needed you so much.  There were and still are many things for us to discuss and explanations need to be given.  Ronald is still having a very hard time with regard to your relationship with him.  Hopefully one day he will overcome the heartache you wrongly imposed upon him.  Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Fathers’ Day and RIP.

You are forgiven.

Your daughter,



Happy Fathers’ Day

Just want to say Happy Fathers’ Day to those who have executed their duties as a father with pride and responsibility.  Thank you and keep up the good work.  As for those who have not grown to the level of responsibility and realization that your children should be first and foremost in your lives, other than Christ, Happy Fathers’ Day to you too.  We pray that one day soon you will wake up and step up – your babies do need you.

Love ya.

Another Reason Why Black Men Matter

Tonight, I’m watching a well depicted documentary, “Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy”.  How interesting and thought provoking.  It allows me to remember my heritage as an African American woman.  There are clips of comedians both young and old such as Red Fox, The Wayans Brothers, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Bill Belamy, Steve Harvey; also former NAACP Presidents, Julian Bond;  Activists, Dick Gregory, Colin Powel just to name a few.  There were flashbacks of major players in African American History such as none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What’s so profound about this documentary is how these men with their vision, fearlessness, commitment and love for themselves, their children and our country stepped up to the plate and influenced how Americans think about themselves.  That includes both Black and White.  Some sporting a political view, some family-oriented, some finding laughter in everyday situations and some just downright nasty funny.

We appreciate  Black men and we see much of what you have given us over the years.  You have given us as a community of African Americans a sense of worth, value and purpose.  You are and have shown us that against all odds, we can do it and we are doing it.  Thank you for your sacrifices and love.

Although many of you are giving much and have given much there are those who don’t.  On behalf  of all Black women and children, we forgive you for when you have come up short and when you hurt us and/or disappoint us.  You are loved and please keep up the good work.  You are needed.

To name others named in the documentary which we take note of:

Dr. Cornel West, Stanley Crouch, Michael Dyson, Atonn Muhammad, Sommore, DL Hughley, Topper Carew, Kweisi Mfume, Louis Gossett Jr., Garrette Morris, Franklin Ajaye, Katt Williams, Thea Vidale, Rep. Sheila Lee, Rep. Maxine Waters, George Wallace, Sherri Shepherd, Eddie Griffin, Dr. Todd Boyd, Reynaldo Rey, Andrew Young, Eddie Levert, Robert Townsend, Jamie Masada, Bob Sumner, Elijah Cummings, Rep. Diane Watson, Jeff Clanagan, Niecy Nash, Jason Parker, Russell Simmons, Shang, Tommy Davidson, Marla Gibbs, Kell Mitchell

(The names of those missing, please forgive me as I was typing and reading simultaneously).

For those who say there are no role models, please read my article.

Love ya.