“It Took a Nation”: Ode to Trayvon Martin (continued)

The Trayvon Martin case has touched the very heart of the nation,  the Black community, again, just like in the days of old.  30 days have passed, 35, 40:  44 days later, the killer has been arrested.  An ironic twist, the killer says he now fears for his life: didn’t give a damn about mine/Trayvon’s.  The killer’s attorney is now asking the people to forgive and not be angry…did my killer offer that to me?

Trayvon has now joined the ranks of MLK, Malcolm, murdered because of the color of his skin.  Doesn’t Trayvon have rights too?  The right to be protected, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Zimmerman made bail…unbelievable.  A man who hunted down a young, unarmed, teen who was walking down the street on his way home is free.   They say he is entitled to a fair trial, something Trayvon never got.


“It Took a Nation”: Ode to Trayvon Martin

It was a cool, rainy night in Stanford, Florida, February 2012.  Young, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin left a convenience store where he had purchased an Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles candy.  While speaking with this girlfriend over the telephone/cell, he noticed a man following him.  Concerned, he informed his girlfriend what was happening.  I believe Trayvon new in his spirit his life would end on that night.  The killer said he was only following and watching, but Trayvon new it was more than that.

His concerned girlfriend said, “run, Trayvon, run”, but Trayvon, not wanting to invoke a chase decided to walk fast.  Before he can escape, the perpetrator has him cornered and Trayvon is in for the fight of his life, which he eventually lost.

Trayvon’s grueling screams for help are captured on 911 tapes as neighbors listened, paralyzed with fear, refused to look, unwilling to witness what they knew in their hearts was the scream of death. 

This was like a trip back to the 1960’s. Black men and young boys chased by the Klan, murdered for no reason other than the color of their skin.  Oh, how Trayvon must have been so afraid and horrorfied so terrified and filled with the question of why?, why? why?  During those final moments he had to call on God.  “I know God loves me, my mom said so.  My beautiful brown skin, thick lips, coarse hair, sense of humor.”  A million questions and dialogue with the Father God.

About to transition into young adulthood, young manhood, life, all his dreams and aspirations flash before his eyes.  His future children who will never be.  So many lessons that will never be learned or taught by our beloved Trayvon.  Another promising young Black man lost to the great divide.

Trayvon will miss his mother’s voice and loving touch, her love and embrace.  His father’s deep voice and strong arm — “Lord please fill the voice in their hearts”.  The shot rang out. 

The quietness.  It’s almost too quiet. 

My murderer told a lie.  He said it was self-defense.  That’s why he murdered me and what’s worse, they believed him.  I didn’t even know the man who later identified himself as George Zimmerman.  A small-time, self-appointed vigilante.

Why Is This Blog Presented to the World?

It is very important to me to present this blog, “Blackmenmatter” in lieu of the Trayvon Martin case.  I have followed the case and find the anger within me coming to the forefront when I imagine Trayvon gasping for his very last breath.  The idea that if even one person on the face of this earth would so disregard the life of yet another African American male to just snuff it out, just like in the 1960’s, and prior – all the way back to slavery and the earlier post-slavery days in the year 2012, is absolutely unimaginable an unacceptable.

A young man on his way home, minding his own business.  His only offense: being a young black man.

The thought of knowing there are still people out there who find no harm in what has happened to young, innocent, unarmed Trayvon brings me to the place to say to those who condone the shooter’s behavior, this is not right and the existence of black men must be preserved and maintained by those of us who care.

Personally, I have 3 sons, 5 grandsons, 2 brothers, 3 nephews and a host of cousins, uncles and friends who are black and whom I love very deeply.  And to imagine that Trayvon Martin could have been someone in my family and/or circle of friends or acquaintainces is heartbreaking. 

The killing and murder of innocent black men must stop and only we can stop it.  There is racial bias here in America, even if many refuse to acknowledge it.  As an African American mother, I see it clearly and will not ignore it.  We parents must get involved and teach our children how to live, not just survive in this world.  A world that discounts the “negro” and ignores our contributions unless those contributions are so great no one can ignore them.

We, African Americans must step up to the plate and help bring about this change.

As an African American woman I would like to say to each and every Black man, no matter what your nationality or origin is…”YOU MATTER” and “WE NEED YOU”.  …But most of all, WE LOVE YOU!

This endeavor is not to be undertaken by African Americans alone, but by every individual and race on this planet.  A change has to come…


See you next time.




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