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Barack Obama Completed His Presidential Terms

President Barack Obama has completed his presidential terms (2). He proved himself to be a man of honor, integrity, concern, knowledge, compassion and all the many other humane, loving adverbs and adjectives one can muster.  He is a difficult act to follow.  He and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia along with First Pets – Sunny and Bo will be greatly missed.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama, you and your family have made the American people and the people around the world extremely proud.  Your service is more than appreciated and will never be forgotten. You have truly raised the bar.  What an inspiration.

Thank you! A million times over.  My the Lord above bless you all above measure.


Dear Black Man,

You are always in my heart and always on my mind.  Millions of us pray for you daily because you are our sons, nephews, uncles, fathers, grandfathers, friends, boyfriends, husbands, cousins, supervisors, big brothers, younger brothers, community leaders, state senators, congressmen, representatives, doctors, lawyers, mentors and last but not least – our President!

We love you and your pain is our pain.  We weep for you and with you. We need you with us.  We will get through this together because you are not alone.  We stand with you and for you because…


Racial Unrest in Our Country in 2016

Wow, since there has been continual murdering of unarmed Black Men in Amerikkka, many have taken to social media, me included, to express our concerns.  Facebook, Twitter and other media sites have been consistently busy with posting updates surrounding the numerous marches taking place.

Castille, Sterling

In the following instance, Philando Castille was murdered – pulled over because his “nose is too big”.  The gall:

The media dishonestly reported Castille was wanted for armed robbery – this was false:

Through all the mehem, Dallas Police Chief has a message for congress:

Another Black Man Murdered – Alton Sterling:

The foregoing are heart-wrenching tales of centuries of abuse and murder of the American Police Departments around the country.

#ILoveBlackMen because #BlackLivesMatter.